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is a beninese-german, self taught fine artist living in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Using vibrant oil colors in her paintings or black and white in her graphite drawings, Sacha works with extreme contrasts to portray often dark topics.

Talking about taboos like recovering from abuse and mental health problems, the place of women in modern society, racism and sexism. Sacha’s art mirrors her inner life, emotions and struggles. 

But also celebrates african women with all their facets and abilities using her art as a tool of empowerment. 

Her goal is to create a powerful message with painful memories, starting the process of healing and overcoming difficult periods in life. She wants to connect through her art with people that are in similar situations and raise awareness of topics that are not represented enough in society.


That is how I would describe my style.

I always loved to draw and create since I was a little girl. I could spend hours drawing without even looking up. I loved to experiment with colors and even as a child it helped me to describe my own feelings.

After a long break I restarted creating art a few years ago when I was at a very dark place in my life. It helped me understand things that I couldn’t even put in words. Most of my pieces are based on what’s happening in my head. 

So I would have to say that I find my inspiration within myself. And I'm happy to be able to share a piece of myself with you. 


You also find me on Instagram: @aichasachaart

Follow my art account to learn more about me and my passion.

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